ROH Assembly

The Officers of the ROH Assembly are:
ROH President Bro.A.Pearson ROH
ROH I.P.President Bro.P.Blanksby ROH
ROH Vice President Bro.W.Loftus ROH
ROH Director of Ceremonies Bro.R.Gee ROH
ROH Guard Bro.C.Macefield ROH
ROH Constable Bro.G.Phelan ROH
ROH Registrar Bro.A.Woods ROH
ROH Bearer of the Jewel Bro.P.Commons ROH
ROH Bearer of the Peace Bro.A.Woods ROH
ROH Troubador Bro.W.King ROH
ROH Servitor Bro.G.Phelan ROH
ROH Secretary Bro.P.Blanksby ROH
ROH Treasurer Bro.D.Cheetham ROH
ROH Trustees Bro.P.Commons ROH, Bro.R.Gee ROH and Bro.G.Phelan ROH